Organizing A Company Fundraising Event

Fundraising events are hard to organize. They require a lot of preparation, and it’s not always that your boss gives you an easy time doing it. You might be an outside contractor or an employee of the company itself, but what you should be mindful of is that the directors are looking for nothing but the best. This is what they expect of you, and what you should deliver. Have a proper plan on how to go about it, and it won’t be that hard.

1. Venue
Talk to the directors about this, and at any event let them pick the venue. You can either propose a hall from a fancy hotel or maybe some other place that won’t cost too much since the whole point is raise funds for the people who don’t have the same luxuries as you do. Make sure that it’s a good place since events like this attract a lot of public attention due to nature of the people who attend these events, from the most important businessmen to celebrities.

2. Food
Food won’t be such an issue. You can cater food from outside. Go through various events of the company, and then review sheets of the caterers, and hire the services of someone who has really good reviews. Ask if they would also provide waiters because that way everything would be much easier. Get them to send a list of items that they have beforehand, and you should go taste the food before you order the menu. Taste the food yourself, and see what you would like to see at the event.

3. Photographs and journalists
There will be a lot of media attention at this event. You can hire a photographer, and also rent a photo booth in Perth. That way the guest can enjoy having to pose for pictures, but since they aren’t doing it in front of the official photographer they will be relieved! Get customized backdrops suitable for the event; the most suitable one will be a black or red velvet curtain behind. You can even do photo booth hire Perth WA, visit

4. Valet parking service
All the guests will arrive in fancy cars. The arrival of guests in all their glory is why just the photo booth in Perth is not going to be enough, and why you also need a photographer. You need a photographer to photograph them as soon as they arrive. At least most of them, and they would expect a valet to be there for their car to be parked. They would expect the highest service possible since they would expect the car not to even have a scratch when it’s handed back to them. Ask around before you hire a valet, and check whoever is coming personally. So that you know who you hired, and whether you can trust them enough or not to do a good job.

There’s a lot more that goes in to organizing a fundraising event. These are few of the most important things to keep in mind since you want it to be nothing but perfect.